Binge drinking alcohol, Bloating or fullness, Bruising or discoloration and Bulging veins: Common Related Medical Conditions

The problem is that alcohol is a wellspring of empty calories—which are calories with minimal nutritional value. Hence, consuming alcohol as your primary source of fuel will lead to poor nutrition and weight loss. Research studies on the association between weight gain and alcohol consumption have ended in conflicting results. In other words, does alcohol cause bruising weight gain isn’t inevitable, but you could still tip the scale up from drinking too much alcohol. Additionally, drinking can aggravate certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis and rosacea. If your bruise doesn’t improve within two weeks, or if you start to notice frequent, unexplained bruises—whether you’re drunk or sober—call your doctor.

  • About a month later another 1 appeared on my lower right arm and then a few smaller ones on my legs and thighs.
  • The severity of the disorder lies on a spectrum, ranging from mild to severe dependence, also known as chronic alcoholism .
  • The patient requested a return to his home country for further care.
  • The liver will continually be damaged by alcohol abuse, eventually resulting in failure.
  • I didn’t pay much attention to it, as I do have Raynauds.
  • Other ailments that can impair the blood’s clotting ability are chronic inflammatory diseases, such as lupus and cancers such as Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia or multiple myeloma.

I saw their bruises and noticed they kept increasing without any outside cause. We suggest you call your doctor or the lab where you received your blood work.

Liver transplant

However, the vasodilating effects of alcohol can make injuries more dangerous. When this happens, bruises are purple or red at first, and then they fade as the blood is absorbed into the body again. Usually, a bruise appears when you have collided with something hard. This can happen when walking into furniture, falling or being hit. According to UPMC, your liver contains about 10 percent of your total blood supply at any given time.

  • At any given time of day, give your body a thorough scan and it’s likely that you’ll spot at least one unknown bruise, bump, or cut.
  • Wrap the area with an elastic bandage, such as an Ace wrap, and keep it on until you see a doctor.
  • When questions aren’t related to individual treatment or diagnosis, we’re happy to provide more information.
  • I haven’t hurt it or hit it it has just appeared.
  • We recommend contacting your doctor about the bruising you are experiencing.

And, if you’re concerned with your bruise, it’s important you talk to your doctor. Does anyone know what causes tiny bruise clusters on the inner forearm? They pop up overnight and go away in a couple days.

When to see a doctor

She feels fine, the bruises do hit have pupura or cleat edges. She’s sick of getting g these random unsightly bruises and I’m still concerned. At any time you are concerned with your health or symptom’s you’re experiencing, we strongly advise you to contact your care team. At any time you become concerned with your health, your primary care provider is an excellent resource. He/she knows your medical history and current conditions best – both which can play into your symptoms.

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